Want to Be Heard?

Here’s how to get started!

Contact Us
1. Contact us online, email, phone
2. Our office will contact you to schedule an evaluation or intake
3. Complete and submit intake paperwork
4. Email or fax us a prescription from your physician if billing Blue Cross Blue Shield
5. Email or fax a copy of your BCBS insurance card (if billing insurance)

Setting up for telehealth sessions
1. Ensure you have a working computer or tablet with audio, video, and high-speed
internet. To best utilize the Theraplatform features, ensure the participant has access
to a mouse or touch screen
2. Follow the link emailed to you from Theraplatform to create your secure password
3. “Test Set up” to ensure video and audio are working
4. Select “join scheduled session” to enter the waiting room

Welcome to BE HEARD!

We are honored to work with you!