PEERS® Program

As featured on the Netflix show
Love on the Spectrum
We’re excited to announce the launch of our PEERS Social Skills Group for Young Adults via telehealth.  PEERS for Young Adults is an evidence-based and ecologically valid social skills intervention program conducted with young adults and social coaches (including parents, caregivers, and others) over a 16 week period.  Social skills are taught through didactic lessons, role-play demonstrations, role-play practice, and homework.  This program is for motivated young adults who are interested in making and keeping friends and/or developing romantic relationships.  
Learn how to
• Develop and maintain friendships
• Improve conversational skills
• Enter and exit conversations
• Use humor appropriately
• Use electronic communication appropriately
• Improve dating skills
• Organize get-togethers
• Handle direct and indirect bullying
• Handle disagreements
• Handle dating pressure

Participation requirements

• Young adults who have difficulty with friendships and/or dating
• Young adults ages 18-35 years old, high school graduates
• Young adults interested in attending the program
• Young adults committed to attending the program regularly
• Young adults voluntarily participating in the program
• A consistent social coach willing to attend the program each week

Enrollment is limited and ongoing.

Please call to begin the enrollment process.
Group instruction is provided in English via Zoom.
Regular attendance is imperative.
Social coach participation is required.


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